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➤ How to get the most out of your first bottle of NewVigor

Some people may notice a difference soon after starting to take NewVigor®, but it is common for it to take two to three weeks to notice a difference, with increasing benefits over up to three months or more.

We recommend a three week regimen for your first bottle, to maximize the likelihood that you will notice a difference from your first bottle. Since different people respond to different amounts, it is impossible to come up with a recommendation which is optimal for everyone. But we think most people will benefit by following this plan:

* Begin by taking 5 capsules a day. You can take two in the morning and three in the evening, or vice versa, or even all five at once, if you prefer. (Lesser amounts may work as well, but we recommend this amount to start, as a good test to determine whether it works for you.)

* If, after 18 days, you are not experiencing the expected results, take 5 capsules twice a day for three days. This will provide a little extra boost to help determine with more certainty whether or not NewVigor™ can be helpful for you. This will also finish the bottle.

Assuming you've begun to see results, continue taking the product as described in the next section below...

➤ And then your next bottle...

Once you know NewVigor® works for you, you can experiment with taking fewer (or more) capsules, to find what works best for you, as peoples' responses do vary. One reason to try a smaller amount is, if budget is a concern, you may want to see if you get sufficient benefit from fewer capsules. We suggest a minimum of two capsules day (and a maximum of ten). 

Based on studies of NewVigor® ingredients, we suggest that you take the capsules continuously for at least three months. After three months, when something close to the maximum benefit has likely been achieved, you may be able to maintain the benefit with a less than daily intake, if preferred, or even take a break for a while. Although the product is designed to be ideal for on-going use for a variety of benefits, it is not essential to take it continuously, for example, if cost is an issue. In that case, you may want to take NewVigor® for just three weeks a month, or skip a couple of days each week, and see if that continues to work for you as well.

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