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How is NewVigor® different?

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➤ Be your best, at any time

NewVigor® is a daily supplement, designed to help your body perform at its best at any time. You don’t have to plan for sex to occur before something wears off. Embrace spontaneity!

➤ The right number of ingredients, in the right amounts

Most sexual health supplements fall into one of two categories:

First, there are the products that have a significant amount of just one or two ingredients. The problem with this type of supplement is that many people's experiences have shown that a combination of more ingredients seems to work better than any one or two alone.

Then there are the "kitchen sink" products that may have a dozen or more ingredients. Here the problem is that only a small amount of each ingredient is used – nowhere near the amounts that have been shown to be clinically effective. It’s as if the manufacturers just want to be able to put all the buzzword ingredients on the label and be able to say, “yeah, it’s in there,” with no concern for whether there’s enough to actually do anything.

We took a different, better approach. NewVigor® includes a handful of ingredients that we have found most useful in supporting optimum sexual health, and included them in large enough amounts to matter.

➤ Natural ingredients

NewVigor® contains no drugs, no substances that are not naturally occurring, nothing that hasn't been regularly consumed by humans for thousands of years. So unlike a drug, you don't have to wonder about the possible unknown long-term consequences of a new artificial substance.

➤ A safe formula

All the ingredients in NewVigor® are recognized as safe to take on a regular basis. Not only is the product drug-free, we've also selected from only the safest natural ingredients. After all, just because something is herbal or natural doesn't necessarily mean it's safe. NewVigor™ contains only ingredients considered to be safe for on-going use without likelihood of side-effects.

➤ A healthy formula, with benefits beyond the bedroom

We designed NewVigor® to provide nutritional support for optimum sexual performance. However, everything in NewVigor® is widely used for other beneficial health purposes. So you can feel good about taking it regardless of how little or how much sexual benefit you may be looking for, or your level of sexual activity. See our Ingredients page to learn more about all the health benefits of the ingredients in NewVigor™.

➤ A balanced formula. Take what you need.

Depending on your age, build, and other factors, you may find a lesser or greater amount works best for you. With many other products, you can’t take the amount you need of one ingredient without risking taking too much of something else. With NewVigor®, while most people will benefit from taking four to six capsules a day, our formula is balanced so you can safely take as little or as much as you want, as little as one or up to ten capsules a day, depending on your needs.

➤ Supported by scientific research

NewVigor® contains a variety of ingredients that have been the subject of clinical studies supporting their likely usefulness in maintaining good sexual health. (See our Ingredients page for more information.)

➤ A formulation that makes sense

Not only is NewVigor® designed to be safe to use on a daily basis, it is actually made up of ingredients which it makes sense to use on a daily basis!

While some natural and herbal ingredients are most beneficial when taken daily for long stretches, other herbal extracts seem to be most effective when frequently "cycled" – that is, taken for some number of days, then not taken for a few days. It doesn't make sense to formulate a product that includes ingredients that work best when taken daily mixed in with other ingredients that should not be taken daily, yet many products on the market do exactly that! All the ingredients in NewVigor® are suitable for daily consumption, and in fact, most have specifically been shown to have benefit when taken continuously for three months or more.

➤ Not a “mystery pill”

Often products contain numerous ingredients but the labels don't tell you how much of each ingredient is included in each capsule. We provide significant amounts of our ingredients, and we think you'd like to know exactly what you're taking. Check the detailed ingredient list on our label and our Ingredients page.

➤ No yohimbe

Some supplements include yohimbe, but NewVigor® does not. Many people experience negative side effects from yohimbe, especially with on-going use. It is generally not recommended for daily consumption, and is not considered to have general health benefits, unlike the ingredients selected for NewVigor®. There is also no reliable dosage for yohimbe, and it does not scale well with other ingredients, since not only can a greater amount increase the likelihood of side-effects, but in fact, increasing the amount can sometimes reduce yohimbe's effectiveness. This is especially problematic if it is included in a supplement with other ingredients whose effectiveness would more likely increase when taken in larger amounts. If somebody wants to try yohimbe, we suggest it only be taken as its own supplement (where you can control its amount independently of anything else), and not in a multi-ingredient product, nor in a product designed to be taken daily.

➤ Strong enough for a man, but yes...

Although we designed the product for men, all the ingredients in NewVigor® are perfectly healthy for women as well, and indeed, studies show that most of these same ingredients may help a woman's libido, sexual responsiveness, and ease/intensity of orgasm.

➤ Great value

Try to assemble anything like NewVigor® from separate supplements, and you'll likely spend far more. There's a lot in our capsules! Again, check the detailed ingredient list on our label, and compare. We're proud to be giving you a lot for your money.

➤ Assured quality

NewVigor® is manufactured in the U.S.A. in a GMP certified facility to assure that the product meets purity standards and that the capsules contain exactly what it says on the label.

➤ Easy, safe purchasing

You can buy our product at with all the usual Amazon benefits, including easy ordering, email address privacy, credit card security, and available free shipping. And unlike some other companies, we don’t automatically enroll you in an automatic monthly shipment program that can be difficult to cancel.


➤ Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with NewVigor®, we’ll send you a refund! See our Guarantee page for details.

No other product offers all the benefits of NewVigor!

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